As a full-service institute, we can offer a wide range of quantitative methods to you. Every measure meets highest standards for quality. After all, you want the facts and not conjecture.
A multilingual team will be assembled specifically for your project. A mainstay of its mission is to proceed by applying exacting scientific methods.


Telephone (CATI)

Specific target groups may be reached quickly and on a larger scale with computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI).
The CATI studio used by IGV Marktforschung GmbH offers all the options necessary to conduct your surveys with pinpoint precision, taking all the requirements for your target group into account.
  • CATI workstations furnished with the latest hardware
  • State-of-the-art software that is continually modified and updated
  • Automatic scheduling and quota management
  • Complex automatic filtering
  • Item randomization / input controls
  • Permanent supervision by means of interview monitoring and observation
  • Trained multilingual interviewers

Mobile-Research / Online (CAWI)

Mobile / Online surveys are a good choice when speed and a low price point are at a premium. They are also efficient, which is why they have become the go-to solutions for select applications.

Personal / Face to Face (CAPI)

The personal survey is a proven method that has been used for many years. It can be conducted practically anywhere – on the sales floor, at a holiday resort, at a fair or during an event.

Terminal (CASI)

Stand-alone terminals are set up on site for a limited period for these surveys. The terminals serve to quickly conduct numerous interviews with a minimum of personnel.

Written (PAPI)

Questionnaires are also a classic variety of survey. Handed out or sent by mail, these forms are well-suited for obtaining feedback on products or marketing materials.


Qualitative MR