As a full-service institute, we can offer a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods to you. Every measure meets highest standards for quality. After all, you want the facts and not conjecture.
A multilingual team will be assembled specifically for your project. A mainstay of its mission is to proceed by applying exacting scientific methods.


Focused interviews

Focus discussions can be conducted with all your target groups. Specialized partners moderate the discussions for IGV Marktforschung GmbH. You will also have the opportunity to place your products and promotional material.
We will draft a detailed final report for you. However, you can also attend personally if you wish to follow the discussions via a one-way mirror or video link.

Expert interviews

To get to the bottom of complex issues quickly and cost-effectively, IGV experts with specialized skill sets guide participants through the conversation. The interviews are recorded for documentation purposes and then evaluated.

Problem-centered interviews

Problem-centered interviews focus on the personal – and often subconscious – wishes and needs of the interviewees. IGV Marktforschung GmbH conducts these interviews to gain deeper insight, for example, into the emotional aspects of brands and services. Specialized psychologists conduct, record and evaluate the interviews.


Quantitative MR